Roll.Release.Restore. A Bodymind Ballwork and Anatomy Series.

You can get a massage anytime when you know how to use hollow rubber balls to do so. Join me for an online 4 class series in Bodymind Ballwork starting November 4th. Each session focuses on a different area of the body, so you will be empowered to free yourself from tension and pain whenever and wherever you need. You will need a full set of Massage Balls to participate, which I can ship to you or you can pick up from my front porch if you live in the Denver area. Register soon if you plan to join us!


A Bodymind Ballwork and Anatomy Series with Kristine Whittle, E-RYT 500, LMT

4 Wednesdays
Nov 4th, 11th, Dec 9th, 16th 2020
$120 for 4 classes or $35/class drop in
Set of 6 Balls $30In this four week self-care series, we’ll roll on rubber balls to gently massage and stretch our entire body with a focus on a different area for each class:

1: Best Everyday Practices & Spine
2: Shoulders, Neck, Head and Arms
3: Lower Back, Hips, & Abdomen
4: Hips, Legs, Knees, Feet

Bodymind Ballwork is a bodywork system that employs rubber balls of various sizes and textures to ease tension in muscles and fascia. It can be an effective preparatory technique for yoga or other movement practices to loosen up and increase joint mobility. It is incredibly empowering in that once you learn the basics you can do it on your own at any time to relieve stiffness and pain.Anatomy slides will be shared on the screen to illustrate each area of the body we are working on. Gentle stretches will be interspersed throughout, and at the end of each practice we’ll relax into a Restorative Yoga posture to afford our body-mind the deep rest, quietude and healing it longs for.The marriage of ball work, stretching and restorative yoga goes well beyond a few relaxing stretches: it gives us permission to truly let go and soften into a profound experience of freedom.You will finish the series with a new toolbox for relieving pain and tension including detailed handouts to refer to when practicing at home and a full set of Massage Balls.

Accessible to people of most any age or physical condition.

To register:

1. Complete Payment:
Series ($120)
Individual Classes ($35/ea)
Set of 6 Balls ($30)*

(Venmo is preferable, Pay Pal charges a fee.)

2. Email Kristine at
to complete your registration by indicating:
a) Which classes you plan to attend (if attending individual classes) and
b) Whether you need a set of massage balls

Once your payment and email is received you will receive a confirmation email complete with Zoom Meeting Links.

*If you need to purchase a set of massage balls we can arrange a pick up or I can ship to you for an additional shipping cost (aprox. $12-$15).

1 set=
(2) 3″ solid rubber balls
(2) 4″ hollow rubber balls
(2) 5″ hollow rubber balls

Roll & Restore Massage Balls are now available for purchase from Restorative Therapies.

If you are taking the Roll.Release.Restore Series, please choose Option A.

Option A: Complete Set $30

1. Two 5” Playground Balls (Hollow Inflatable Rubber)

2. Two 4” Sportime All Balls (Hollow Inflatable Rubber)

3. Two 3” Pinky Balls (Solid Rubber)

Option B: Partial Set $20

1. Two 4” Sportime All Balls (Hollow Inflatable Rubber)

2. Two 3” Pinky Balls (Solid Rubber)

Option C: Individual balls $5/ea.

Pick up in Lakewood for free

2-Day Delivery add $15.05

To order: Complete payment(plus $15.05 if selecting delivery


Please note:1. Option & preferred color you would like.(5”: Purple, Blue, Red, Yellow)(4”: Purple, Light Blue, Red, Yellow, Green)

2. Email, Mailing Address, Phone #You will receive a confirmation email with pick up or delivery details.

Email with questions.


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